"In the pieces that comprise [Bulls in a Bop Shop], I count two masterpieces and possibly a third."


- Billy Holman, Award-Winning Composer/Arranger and Band Leader

Music by Frank Bennett

Produced by Chris Lord and Frank Bennett

Engineer - Talley Sherwood, Gary Denton

Mixing & Mastering by Paul Tavenner

Cover painting by Dot Crawford [Parks]

Album design by Concetta Halstead

Saxophones - Gary Foster, Brad Dechter,

Roger Neumann, Thomas Peterson, Lee Callet

Trombones - Bob McChesney, Alan Kaplan,

Leslie Benedict, Charles Loper, William Reichenbach, George McMullen, Craig Ware

Trumpets - Rick Baptist, Dan Fornero, Bob Summers, Malcom McNab, Pete Desiena, Jeff Bunnell, 

Wayne Bergeron

Rhythm - Josh Nelson (Piano), Kenneth Wild (Bass), Bob Leatherbarrow (Drums)

9. Distant Harmonies
8. Tickertape Parade
7. Temple Music
6. You Are!
4. One For Monk
3. Folk Song
2. Post Impressions
1. Goin' Places


5. On the Green

Composer/percussionist Frank Bennett has worked in many styles of music throughout his career. As a jazz percussionist he has appeared with Benny Goodman, Gerry Mulligan, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Heath, and others. As an Indian percussionist he has performed with his veena virtuosa wife Geetha in India, Hong Kong, Canada, and many venues in the US. His chamber compositions have been played at many recital halls, and the SUNY, Oneonta, NY music department has twice featured three day festivals of his world music.


Frank's orchestral pieces include a Concerto for Indian violin and "Asian Colors", a concerto for the south Indian Saraswathi veena [lute], premiered by the Utica Symphony Orchestra in 2001.


A New York Times review of his chamber pieces at the Carnagie/Weill Recital Hall stated: "Bennett uses Western forms, long lined melodies, and rich harmonies; but he also found ways to weave Indian rhythms and modes into the textures in a way that lets them sound mildly exotic but never alien. Mr. Bennett's balance is impeccable". [Alan Kozinn]


Frank holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Yale University and has worked as an orchestrator/arranger on many Hollywood films. "Bulls in a Bop Shop" is his first CD of big band jazz originals.


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